Year 2 2023 - 2024

Welcome to Year 2

Key Stage 1 is made up of Years 1 and 2.

Year 2 is made up of 2 parallel Year 2 classes.


In 2S Mr Simeson is the teacher.

In 2L Mr Lonsdale is the teacher.

The support staff for Year 2 is Miss Norman and Miss Hayden

Staff Contact:

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Reading - Olivia Owl - Class 2S

Olivia had her first visit to a child's house for the weekend to read stories. She had a lovely time and was well looked after.


She has had a few more visits away!


She has had a lot of stories read to her.

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Library visit 19th October 2023

We had a visit to our local library today. Many children received a library card for the first time. They were able to borrow a book and take this home. We home this starts a love of visiting the library and continues the children's love of reading.


Investigating organisms: 29th November 2023

Year 2 have been learning why organisms live underground. We discovered living things in the soil and talked about how they have adapted to live in these areas. We talked about worms, moles, badgers, foxes and mice.


Christmas concert 12th Decemember


It was a new experience performing in the church for our performance this year. Well done to the children who took it in their stride and did a good job reading their lines and standing the in right place at the right time. We hope everyone enjoyed it.


Victorian School Afternoon

Wednesday 13th December 2023 turned into Wednesday 13th December 1860 for 90 minutes! The children were taken back in time to complete Victorian school activities. The children learnt about the changes Queen Victoria made to schooling to make lives for children better. They learnt what happened if you were naughty and what lessons they may have learnt.



Huddersfield Railway Station Visit

Thursday 14th December 2023

We walked down to Huddersfield railway station today to have a look around and learn more about the station. We have studied the creation of the railway station in our Victorians unit of history. We learnt that it was built in 1850 and that it was made bigger in the 1880s. The children visited the platforms, learnt about the sidings and discovered more about the entrance, described by John Betjeman as "the most splendid in England".


Science experimenting

Searching in soil. Stretching materials.


DT Day

Wednesday 7th February 2024

We had a visit today from our favourite sculptor, Mick Kirby Geddes: Mick Kirkby-Geddes | Metal Sculptor ( He has worked with the school a lot and visited us again today to work with Year 2. We made our own sculptures linked slightly to our book of the half term, Traction Man by Mini Grey.

We had to first of all make a plastic base for our sculpture and add wire and then electrcal tape to create limbs and ears and then to colour our design. We had a great day and used many new tools that we do not usually use. We supported each other and shared our ideas and designs and talked about what we had done.


Thursday 14th March 2024

Y2 visit to Cromwell Bottom Nature Reserve


Year 2 had a great half day each at Cromwell Bottom Nature Reserve in Elland. We were looked after by SImon and he showed us the pond where there were many frogs and toads and lots of frogspawn. We were able to complete a mini-beast hunt and we even had an opportunity to see some bees in their hives. We could look at some old honeycomb and then went on a short walk to look for micro habitats.




Year 2 SAT's Week

Next week (W/C 20th May 2024), children in Year 2 will be completing end of Key Stage 1 SATs assessments. For further information, please take a look at our parent and carer information video for details on what this will look like and what children will be completing.

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