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What is IFly?

The curriculum core offer is enhance by our IFLY activities. Each year group take part in visits or have visitors to widen their knowledge and broaden their experiences. The activites include attending school residentials, linking with other schools and learning an instrument.

Our aims are:

  • Enhance the curriculum to provide hands on experiences across the curriculum that children will remember
  • Support our children to make a positive contribution to society
  • Ensure our pupils have an understanding of where they live and why that is special

The Aims support our values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.

We learn to respect others by:

Promoting Inclusivity: Fostering an environment where all pupils and staff are respected regardless of their background, abilities, or beliefs.

Encouraging Positive Behavior: Teaching pupils to treat others with courtesy, kindness, and empathy, reducing bullying and conflicts.

Enhancing Learning: Creating a respectful atmosphere helps pupils feel safe and open to learning, improving academic performance.

4.Building Character: Instilling respect as a core value helps shape pupils' character, making them responsible and considerate individuals.

Preparing for Citizenship: Teaching respect in schools helps prepare pupils to be respectful, engaged citizens in a diverse society.

Conflict Resolution: Equipping pupils with conflict resolution skills to resolve disputes in a respectful manner.

Fostering Teacher-Pupil Relationships: Establishing a respectful rapport between teachers and pupils enhances the learning experience.

Promoting Responsibility: Encouraging pupils to take responsibility for their actions and choices.

Preparing for the Future: Instilling respect prepares pupils for respectful interactions in their personal and professional lives.

Creating a Safe Environment: A respectful school environment reduces bullying and violence,                                                   

making it safer for everyone.

Pupils are expected to take ownership of their actions and decisions. Here are some aspects of pupil responsibility:

Pupils are expected to actively engage in their learning.

Pupils are expected to attend school regularly and arrive on time.

Pupils are responsible for treating teachers, staff, and fellow pupils with respect, kindness, and consideration.

Pupils should take responsibility for their behaviour and follow to school rules.

Pupils should have respect for school property

We teach resilience by :

Developing language- able to communicate thoughts and feelings

Teach the importance of adequate sleep and good nutrition

Let children know failure is an opportunity to learn

Opportunities to problem solve

Help to re-focus thinking- not to just focus on what they’ve got wrong, but what have they got right?

Small steps/model/scaffold

Re-frame struggles as opportunities to grow

Model self-compassion/self-talk

Regular check-ins around emotions



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