Community Christmas Cards
In year five and six, the pupils have been talking about what is meant by the word community. We talked about the community within the school as well as the wider community in our locality. Our school is a community primary school and we wanted to know what that means for ourselves and our neighbours. This year one of the aims of the school council is to try to create stronger links between Moldgreen Primary and the people who live and work around us. We made a start by extending the hand of friendship through making Christmas cards. These were delivered to the shops and businesses around the area by the year five and six school council members . The people who received the cards were really surprised and pleased to get them; and we really enjoyed getting to know our community a little better.

School Council News- November 21st 2018
A few weeks ago all the children in school were asked to elect the 2018-2019 School Council.

We wrote an application statement and each class voted for their representative.

“When I found out I had been chosen I felt the excitement run through my veins!” (Abdullah- year 6 council member)

“Before I was chosen my heart was racing really fast!” (Arshiyaan- year 6 council member)

Our first task was to work with Rosie, Moldgreen’s Community Minister, to plant bulbs and pansies in the village. We are now looking forward to being role models for the school.

We hope our school will continue to be amazing and the best place to learn.


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