Meeting Minutes

School Council Meeting- 18.12.18
 Charlie, Abby, Abdullah, Arshiyaan, Ta’liyah, Isabel, Miss Brierley


The school council met with Miss Brierley to discuss the issues that have arisen during break-times with regards to the ball court and football. Year groups have been arguing with each other and amongst themselves concerning whose turn it is to play and who should be in the teams. There have been further disputes concerning the game and decisions made about incidents on the pitch, the school council discussed these problems and decided that there needed to be class meetings so that all the children would get the chance to put forward their views. The core council used their meeting books to gather the information and to make lists of children who wanted to play football so that teams could later be created.

The results of the class meetings included the following suggestions and observations-

  • Some children believed that it was unfair to use the ball court for football alone. Perhaps other games could be played on the court so that those children who do not like football could play organised games that they enjoy.
  • 4 teams should be formed for year 5 and four more for year 6… these should be the teams that play from Monday to Thursday. Mixed teams of 5 and 6 should play on Fridays. If someone is off or doesn’t want to play, a substitute will be chosen.
  • Classes could form mixed teams and these could be put on a rota.
  • Names could be chosen at random from a box… like a tombola (11 a side?)
  • Year 5 and Year 6 captains should pick teams. Children could have a number so that no one knows who is being chosen (this will stop favourites/ friendships).
  • One  child will pick two teams from the children lined up wanting to play. So that the teams are fair this child will have to call heads or tails in order to find out which team he/ she will be playing in. This way the child doing the picking will want to make the two teams as equal in ability as possible.

Follow Up: 20.12.18
Miss Brierley met with the core council to discuss suggestions raised in the class meetings.  At this time it was decided that-

Four teams of mixed year 5 and 6 would play on a rota basis. If a team member does not want to play, a sub will be chosen by that player. If a player is absent, the ref will chose a sub. The ref will be an adult where possible.

The list of players in each class council book was then used to create teams.

Action :
There will be a review at half term to see if this is working.

School Council Meeting- 7.12.2018
Present: Charlie, Abby, Abdullah, Arshiyaan, Ta’liyah, Isabel, Harmony, Ria, Alisha, Evie, Iqra, Jackson, Logan, Cain, Miss Brierley, Miss Smithson

The core council and class reps all met and introduced themselves to each other. The core group explained their roles within the school council. The role of class rep was clarified and school council books were handed to each member. It was explained that this will be used by the council to gather the views and opinions of the children in their class.

School council Code of Conduct:
The school council agreed to the following-

  • 1. Take care of each other e.g. older members can support the younger members
  • 2. We don’t leave anybody out.
  • 3.  Always put your hand up.
  • 4.  We always support the majority decision.
  • 5. Don’t shout out.
  • 6. Always listen to the person speaking.
  • 7. Always give your class an update.
  • 8. Try our best to make the school better
  • 9. Always attend school council meetings unless we are not at school
  • 10.We must always report back to our classes and share their views (not just our own)

There have been a lot of issues during break-times concerning the ball court. These include children not following the ball court rules, being unfair when picking teams, arguing or falling out over decisions etc. council members have been asked to collect the views of the children in their class concerning the use of the ball court and its organisation.

Ideas resulting from the discussion in the meeting include-

Mixed year group teams

The court being used for other games/ sports

Ball court leaders (eg the sports crew)

More equipment

Clear rules and sanctions

In our next meeting we will feedback class views and organise trialling some of the suggestions.


  • Views will be gathered in classes and brought to the next meeting

Community Christmas Cards:
In pshce lessons the children of year 5 and 6 have been discussing the word community. What is a community? Why is it important? Why is our school called a Community Primary School? Who does our community include- both in the school and in the surrounding locality. Following the discussion, each child in year 5 and 6 made a card. The message inside reads-

We want to wish everyone in our community a very merry Christmas!

From all the children and staff of Moldgreen Community Primary School

The cards will be delivered to the local businesses, establishments, services and residents of Moldgreen by members of the core council.


  • Cards to be delivered by the core council on Thursday 13th December

Christmas Productions:
The children of EYFS, KS1 and LKS2 are all involved in Christmas productions at the moment. Two different core council members will introduce each of these to the parents. The school council will be acting as runners after each show.


  • Miss Brierley will write a two part introduction for each production

Meeting finished.


School Council Minutes- Date- 27.11.2018 

Present: Charlie, Abby, Abdullah, Arshiyaan, Ta’liyah, Isabel, Miss Smithson

Council Roles:
We discussed the roles within the core council. Once we knew what the different jobs involved we volunteered for the positions. The roles have been allocated the following way:

Ta’liyah F-C …Chair person

5/6 B-  Abdullah S …Vice chair person

5/6 B- Arshiyaan F…. entertainment and publicity

5/6 CS Charlie D… entertainment and publicity

5/6 CS-Abby C secretary and treasurer

5/6 NS- Isabel B- secretary and treasurer

We decided that we felt more confident if we had a work partner so each person has someone to help them.

School disco
We would like to hold a school disco but agreed that the run up to Christmas in school becomes very busy and that it would be better to wait until after the holidays.

We thought this could be a Winter Disco and will be asking the school what they would like to call it. January is a month when it is dark and there are fewer celebrations so January or February would be a good time to hold a disco as it would cheer everybody up. We began to think about music and drinks/ sweets/ snacks for sale. We began to think about the cost of a ticket but decided we needed to speak to the headteacher about this


  • Miss Smithson will speak to the office and see how much money there is for this and find out when there is a suitable date for the disco by looking in the school diary and contacting the DJ to see when he is free.
  • Once this is organised we can decide on ticket price and will ask the rest of the school council to gather suggestions of disco names, food, drinks and music.
  • We will need to think about whether the money raised will be used for school funds (perhaps to cover the costs of another school council venture) or if we will donate it to a charity.
  • Nearer the time the school council will produce posters and sell tickets.

World Book Day
Alhough World Book Day is still a long way off, we thought we would gather ideas together. We thought about whether it might be a good idea to have a theme, but didn’t want to stop people having a lot of choice. We decided on extraordinary characters. We thought it might be a good idea to ask the class representatives to ask for ideas from the other classes.


  • School reps will gather ideas concerning a Theme for World Book Day and find out whether children prefer a free choice.

Other things discussed:
The next time we gather we will have the class reps we need to discuss the school council code of conduct and explain the information we would like them to gather.

School council member books for class representative to gather ideas will be introduced.

Suggestion boxes for class ideas will be discussed.

The problem of the school corridor and public areas at lunchtime (eg running/crowded corridors, children loitering indoors…) will be discussed with a view to finding solutions .

Meeting finished

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