Letter from Year 1 Staff w/c 29th June

Date: 26th Jun 2020 @ 12:10pm

Dear Parents/Carers.

We hope you have all had another good week. Again we have pasted the lessons below which will be covered in class this week. Children who are working from home, remember to share any work you are proud of. We always love to see your fantastic achievements. Remember to check the ‘Shout Outs!’ newsletter and blog added to the website each Monday.


We would like you to complete lessons for week 9 on Oak National Academy. Monday’s lesson looks at doubling and halving numbers, using money as a context. It would help your child if they had some apparatus to help them with this, such as pennies. When your child is confident at how to calculate halves and doubles, you could help your child to learn these facts so they can recall them at speed, like they can for number bonds to 10/20.

Tuesday’s lesson looks at identifying and adding equal groups. We have looked at this before, although it is some time ago! As well as following the lesson below, let your child practise making equal groups of objects. You could make groups of objects and ask your child to identify whether the groups are equal or unequal. If the groups are in groups of 2, 5 or 10 encourage your child to count in these steps, rather than counting on in ones to find out how many altogether. Wednesday’s lesson also looks at recognising and adding equal groups, using pictures to help them, which is a really important step for your child to consolidate their understanding. You could give your child some extra questions and ask them to draw the pictures to represent the answer. There are some extra questions below which you could read to your child. Thursday’s lesson again looks at solving problems by adding equal groups using shape as a context. Encourage your child to draw the shapes to help them to solve the problems. Friday looks at sharing into equal groups. Again let your child either use apparatus to help them or to draw pictures, whichever method they find easier.




Wednesday – extra word problems. Draw pictures to show the problems below and then calculate how many altogether.

  1. In a pet shop there are 5 fish in each bowl. There are 6 bowls altogether. How many fish are there?
  2. There are 4 children at a party. Each child gets 10 sweets in their party bag. How many sweets altogether?
  3. There are 7 children in the classroom. How many eyes are there?
  4. There are 6 trees in the park. In each tree there are 2 birds. How many birds altogether?
  5. In a packet of biscuits there are 5 biscuits. Jack has 4 packets of biscuits in his cupboard.  How many biscuits does he have?




Your child could play the game below to help them to learn facts for doubling and halving:



We would like you to complete the lessons for week 9 on Oak National Academy (each lesson has a link below in the order it should be completed.)

These lessons include phonics, spelling and this week we are looking at an information text. We will be listening to information about a creature and answering questions about it. Then we will be creating our own creature, using adjectives to describe its appearance. After that we will think about where our creature lives and what it likes to eat. Finally we will be putting all these ideas into an information text about our own creature, remembering to use sub-headings.






Remember there are also phonics lessons on You Tube. New lessons are added daily during the week.  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuGr6z2H2KNGObda6B-T36vJlZYN06lOh

Please also try to read with your child regularly and record this in their reading record. For further reading resources, OxfordOwl have free ebooks for you to access and share at home: https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page

Our school has a subscription to a handwriting programme called Letter-Join.  The login details are below.


(For desktop or laptop)     User Name:   jk 4216          Password:   home  

(For ipad or Tablet)            User Name:   jk4216            Swipe Code: 

 Other Subjects:

In science we have been looking at sounds, how sounds are made and describing sounds that we can hear. This week we are going to look at this further and find out how our bodies allow us to hear sounds and learn about what deaf people may use to help them hear and communicate.


For art this week we will be learning about patterns and how to create them. We will be looking at a famous artist called William Morris, whose work includes wallpaper designs and print, stained glass windows, tiles and tapestries. We will be using his work as an inspiration for our own. For this you will need some paper and a pencil.


For geography this week we are starting a new unit, naming and locating the 5 oceans. We will look at which continents surround the oceans and we will compare the difference between an ocean and the sea. You will need a pencil and paper for these lessons.



The above work schedule and links are there for you should you wish to use them. Whilst they are important, we also feel that you should only complete tasks that flow for you and your family in your day-to-day life during this difficult time. Activities should be fun and not be stressful for children or parents.  You and your family’s well-being are paramount to us.

All letters containing information about work (current and previous) are available on our Year 1 page of the school website  https://www.moldgreenprimary.co.uk/class/year-1  on the Year 1 blog.

We look forward to seeing all the fantastic work you do. You could email them to us at the email address below. This email can also be used if you need any further help, advice or if you want one of us to call you.


Thank you,

The Year 1 team

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