Letter from Year 1 Staff w/c 25th May & 1st June

Date: 23rd May 2020 @ 3:43pm

Dear Parents/Carers.

We hope you are all keeping safe and this week’s suggested lessons have gone well. Remember to share any work your child has completed, whether it’s their school work or something else they may have achieved. We always enjoy seeing what they have been up to. Remember to check the ‘Shout Outs!’ newsletter and blog.

Half Term

Next week it is half term. We would like you to have a break from work using Oak Academy. Use this time to do more practical activities like baking, creating treasure hunts, crafting and playing games. You could also have a look at ‘Cosmic Kids Yoga’ on You Tube or ‘Go Noodle’ dances. Maybe have a go at creating a greeting and games which don’t rely on contact with each other. These could include hand signals, dances, facial expressions or sign language. Have fun J

Week commencing Monday 1st June

We may be welcoming some of you back to school for a day (as Mrs Pearson wrote in her letter to parents 19th May, planning for a wider opening is very much a changing picture and this will not be confirmed until the end of May). For the children remaining at home, we would like you to follow the links set out below. The children in school will be following these same lessons.


We would like you to complete lessons for week 5 on the Oak National Academy. They are pasted individually below in the order they should be completed. This week focuses on addition and subtraction and covers different methods to complete them. Your child has used all the methods shown in class, but we understand it is more difficult at home without the necessary resources. The number line method could be completed using a ruler or tape measure. Your child could complete additions counting on in their head using their fingers. The tens and ones could again be made up using lego bricks so your child could have a go at the part whole model. Please let your child find and choose the method which they find the easiest to calculate the answers.






Being able to recall number bonds to 20 is also very important. Try and do a speed test with your child – say a number and see if they can recall the number which makes 10 and then 20 at speed. Try to do this little and often so that your child can instantly recall them. You could play a game – with playing cards face down – take it in turns to pick 2 cards – if they add to 10 you keep the pair.  The player with the most pairs wins the game. - If you would like something extra, your child may enjoy playing the game below to reinforce addition:



We would like you to complete the lessons for Week 5 on Oak National Academy (each lesson has a link below in the order it should be completed.)

These lessons include phonics, spelling and this week the area covered is non-fiction text and using the past tense, based on the terrifying T-Rex. The children should be familiar with non-fiction texts and using the past tense. These lessons progress through the week, starting with hearing information about the T-Rex, committing it to memory, learning how to use the past tense and finally writing an information text.






The phonics lessons launched at the end of April are still available on the link below. New lessons are added daily during the week.  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuGr6z2H2KNGObda6B-T36vJlZYN06lOh

Please also try to read with your child regularly and record this in their reading record. For further reading resources, OxfordOwl have free ebooks for you to access and share at home: https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page

Our school has a subscription to a handwriting programme called Letter-Join.  For details of how to login see last week’s letter. It is available on our Year 1 page of the school website https://www.moldgreenprimary.co.uk/class/year-1  on the Year 1 blog.

Other Subjects:

For this week in science we would like you to complete is https://www.thenational.academy/year-1/foundation/what-is-hibernation-year-1-wk5-3  which explores hibernation.

For this week in art we would like you to complete https://www.thenational.academy/year-1/foundation/to-create-shadow-art-year-1-wk5-5 which looks at light and creating shadow art.

The history unit looks at a variety of different explorers who made history. This week, we would like you to complete the two lessons: https://www.thenational.academy/year-1/foundation/what-is-an-explorer-year-1-wk5-1 and https://www.thenational.academy/year-1/foundation/who-is-amelia-earhart-year-1-wk5-4. The first explains what is an explorer is and the qualities and attribute an explorer may have and the second lesson focusses on Amelia Earhart who completed the first solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

The above work schedule and links are there for you should you wish to use them. Whilst they are important, we also feel that you should only complete tasks that flow for you and your family in your day-to-day life during this difficult time. Activities should be fun and not be stressful for children or parents.  You and your family’s well-being are paramount to us.

We look forward to seeing all the fantastic work you do. You could email them to us at the email addresses below. These emails can also be used if you need any further help, advice or if you want one of us to call you.



Thank you,

The Year 1 team

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