Letter from Year 1 Staff w/c 13th July

Date: 10th Jul 2020 @ 5:16pm

Dear Parents/Carers.

What a great week we’ve had this week, taking part in the virtual sports day. It was fantastic to see some of the children at home taking part in these activities. Well done to everyone who participated! This week will be our final week of work before a well-earned rest for everyone! Thank you to all parents for supporting your children with their work at home, through a very difficult time. Next week’s lessons are pasted below which will again be covered in class. Keep sending in anything you have done at home. Remember to check the ‘Shout Outs!’ newsletter and blog added to the website each Monday.



We would like you to complete lessons for week 11 on Oak National Academy. It is a very practical week of maths this week. We are learning all about capacity and volume, which is a recap of work we have previously covered. For these lessons you will need something to measure capacity such as water, lentils or rice and also different sized containers. For Tuesday’s lesson try to choose some containers which are different shapes i.e. some wide and others tall, so that the container with the biggest capacity may not be immediately obvious. On Wednesday we are using vocabulary to describe the volume in a container, eg full, empty, half full. In addition to matching the pictures to the correct description on the video, encourage your child to also do this practically. For example ask your child to fill the container so it is half full, a quarter full, a quarter empty etc. On Thursday we are looking in more detail at quarter, half and three quarters. Again if possible allow your child to explore this practically. Finally on Friday we look at litres as a standard unit of measurement. As an extra activity, see if your child can find different containers in the home with the capacity on them. Can they order them for the smallest capacity to the largest capacity by reading the capacity written on the bottles?







Although we are currently following the Oak National Academy for maths, WRM is still available.  Each week worksheets are uploaded on to our school website for you to access.  This week, however, they have launched ‘child and parent’ booklets.  These booklets follow the methods and strategies that are being used in school to help children understand and enjoy maths.  The booklets are completely free and can be downloaded either to a kindle from Amazon or from their web page https://whiterosemaths.com/resources/primary-resources/parent-workbooks/




We would like you to complete the lessons for week 11 on Oak National Academy (each lesson has a link below in the order it should be completed.)






These lessons include phonics, spelling and this week we are looking at poetry. We will be thinking about what a poem is, listening to and learning a poem and then answering questions about it. After that we will be identifying rhyming words in a poem and thinking of our own. We will learn about what a syllable is. The song and actions below is a fun way to reinforce this learning about syllables:


 We will the use our rhyming ideas and knowledge of syllables to then write our own poem in the same structure as the poem we have learnt.

Remember there are also phonics lessons on You Tube. New lessons are added daily during the week.  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuGr6z2H2KNGObda6B-T36vJlZYN06lOh

Please also try to read with your child regularly and record this in their reading record. For further reading resources, OxfordOwl have free ebooks for you to access and share at home: https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page


Our school has a subscription to a handwriting programme called Letter-Join.  The login details are below.


For( desktop or laptop)     User Name:   jk 4216          Password:   home  

(For ipad or Tablet)            User Name:   jk4216            Swipe Code: 

 Other Subjects:

In science we are bringing together our knowledge about sounds. The lesson looks at making our own sounds using our bodies and also objects we can find in our home. You will then be learning how to describe different sounds by their pitch and volume. We would like all children to complete this lesson at home on the Wednesday as you will have many more things to experiment with than we have in school.


Our art this week looks at a British, abstract artist called Frank Bowling. We will be creating some of our own work inspired by his techniques. The video demonstrates how to create artwork using paints and pencils. We will be using pencils in school, but you could choose to use either method at home.


For geography this week we are continuing to learn more about the ocean. This week we will be looking at what lives in the ocean and learning some interesting facts about them. We will then learn about how we can look after the ocean and protect the marine life.



The above work schedule and links are there for you should you wish to use them. Whilst they are important, we also feel that you should only complete tasks that flow for you and your family in your day-to-day life during this difficult time. Activities should be fun and not be stressful for children or parents.  You and your family’s well-being are paramount to us.


All letters containing information about work (current and previous) are available on our Year 1 page of the school website  https://www.moldgreenprimary.co.uk/class/year-1  on the Year 1 blog.

We look forward to seeing all the fantastic work you do. You could email them to us at the email address below. This email can also be used if you need any further help, advice or if you want one of us to call you.


Finally we wish you all a lovely summer and look forward to welcoming everyone back in September.

Thank you,

The Year 1 team



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