Year 5 Letter from year group staff w/c 27th April

Date: 24th Apr 2020 @ 11:25am


Hello Year Five children and carers,


We hope you are all well and ready to start your Summer Term online learning. We will be using Oak National Academy Online Classroom as the basis for our work but suggest that you look on bbc bitesize as this will help you if you are unsure about any of the lessons and it will also provide challenges if you feel you could be further stretched.

Before you start any of the Oak lessons it would be a good idea to make sure that you have a pencil and paper handy.



This week’s English lessons are all about setting descriptions. We started to look at these in September so this unit should build on some of the skills we focussed on back then and take your work to the next level. Whilst we are in lockdown our imaginations are the best way for us to get out and about. Setting descriptions in our reading and writing can take us anywhere!


Each of the five English lessons begins and ends with a quiz. These are not essential to the lesson but will help you to see how much progress you are making and show you which areas you need to practice.


An online teacher will guide you through your main activity in a videoed lesson. This can be paused whilst you do your own work. The teacher will tell you exactly what to do. Whilst you can’t actually ask questions about the task (I know some of you LOVE to ask questions) you can rewind the video if you are unsure.


Some of the English lessons involve quite a bit of reading so some of you may prefer to go through this with a grown up or older brother or sister so that you understand the information.


Lesson 1 and 2 are reading comprehensions

Lesson 3 is all about identifying the features of a setting description

Lesson 4 is a SPaG lesson about parenthesis (extra information inside commas, brackets or dashes)

Lesson 5 is when you have the opportunity to plan and write a setting description. There are four to choose from… but if you can’t choose you can always do more than one! Let your imagination take you wherever you want to go!


The lessons include daily spelling practice and a test on Fridays. Remember that you can improve your skills using Spelling Shed!


Don’t forget to read whilst you are at home. Read to yourself, to an adult, share stories with brothers and sisters! Listen to stories on bbc teach. Think about the reading wall at school! Why do we read? There are so many reasons… I’m sure you can remember the ones in the speech bubbles!






On Oak Academy this week’s maths lessons are about translations. We have yet to teach this in school so they would be useful lessons for you to have a go at. Like the English lessons, there is a video for you to watch then there is a main activity for you to complete. Don’t worry if you find some of it tricky – just have a go and enjoy learning some new maths.

During our school maths lessons, we always do some daily calculations so we have attached some arithmetic papers for you to have a look at. We have done a few of these in class and they are good practice for when you are in Year 6. We have learnt how to use the written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  If you have forgotten, don’t worry as we have included some examples of how to do each one. Before lockdown began, we had just started learning about fractions so you need a bit support with these questions on the arithmetic paper.

Another brilliant resource which you could use for maths is the Whiterose Maths Home Learning lessons ( It is similar to Oak Academy as it has a video to watch and some questions to do.

We have seen that lots of you have been on TT Rockstars – well done. Remember if you’ve lost your password then email us and we will send you it again. Keep learning your tables so you can increase you speed and number of coins. Rockstar will happen eventually so you need to do everything that you can to earn a VIP ticket!


Examples of calculations





























98 divided by 7 = 14                                                                  432 divided by 5 = 86 remainder 2










Foundation Subjects

There are weekly lessons for other subjects such as history, science, art and modern foreign languages. This week’s timetable includes:


1066- Who was the rightful heir to the throne? (You will remember some of this from your Castles topic in Lower Key Stage 2. This will remind you of some of your past learning and then take you further into this interesting period of our past)


Spanish alphabet and numbers- start to learn a new language!


How is igneous rock formed- brush up your Science and Geology skills.


Who was responsible for the death of Thomas Becket? – a royal scandal from England in The Middle Ages.


Texture Treasure Hunt- an art lesson in patchwork. 


Sing up is always available if you would like to have a sing, I was looking at songs for next year and I did notice they have a few fairly recent pop songs, that you might like to sing, have a search. Of course you can always do one of our favourites -


Log in to Sing up is and password is moldgreen.

Go noodle also has some fun dances for you to do at home look at the family section


We understand that it is sometimes tricky learning at home but we really hope that you enjoy these lessons! It’s not the same as us all being together but hopefully we will all be back at Moldgreen soon, once it is safe to do so.


In the mean time we (Miss Smithson and Miss Day, Miss Brierley and Miss Kausar and Mrs Gaukroger) are all thinking about you and missing you. We talk about you all the time and wonder how you are. Be good, be kind, be patient and look after yourself and others. Be the wonderful children (and tiger) that we know you are!


From all the year five staff.

Arithmetic Test


Addition and SUbtraction



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