Letter from year 5 staff w/c 8th June

Date: 8th Jun 2020 @ 10:35am


Hello Everyone,


I hope that you all had a good break over the half term holidays and that those of you who were celebrating Eid had a fantastic time. We’ve been so lucky with the weather. I hope that you have managed to spend some time outdoors. Don’t forget to send us any news or achievements that you would like us to post.


It’s hard to believe that we are starting our final half term of the year and the last few weeks of being in year five. Do your best to try to keep up with your online learning- don’t forget to email us if you are struggling with any of the topics. Here are this week’s lessons.



Lesson 1- reading comprehension- making comparisons within and across books.  In this lesson you will be asked to look for similarities and differences between paragraphs and different texts. You will need to refer to both pieces of writing and explain their answers fully.

Lesson 2 – reading comprehension- making predictions. In the second reading activity you will be asked to make predictions about a story. You will need to use evidence from your reading to support why you think certain things may happen.

Lesson 3 Text analysis- identifying the features of a story. You will need to think about description- in particular adjectives, direct speech and the associated punctuation and alternative said words.



Remember that when the speech comes first- the said word does not have a capital letter. In the text about Little Red Riding Hood the teacher has used a full stop instead of a comma inside the speech mark and then used a capital for the said word. If you would prefer not to use this lesson that is fine- although it is still useful in identifying features.

This photograph should remind you how we learned to use speech punctuation, when the speaker comes second and the spoken words come first

Lesson 4 – SpaG- Speech punctuation. In this lesson you will practice speech punctuation including NEW SPEAKER; NEW LINE.

Lesson 5- Independent writing. Now is your opportunity to write an alternative ending to Little Red Riding Hood. Ideas have been outlined in the slides however if you have an ending of your own in mind then feel free to use that.



We hope that you enjoyed your learning about measures last week. This week’s maths learning involves the important topics of decimals and fractions. Watch the short videos and then have a go at answering the questions on a piece of paper.

National Oak Academy

Lesson 1 Decimals: To represent decimals

Lesson 2 Decimals: To represent multiplication and division by 10, 100 and 1000

Lesson 3 Decimals: To derive addition and subtract decimals facts

Lesson 4 Decimals: To add decimals numbers

Lesson 5 Decimals: To subtract decimals numbers


Handy Hints

Remember the value of each digit in the number – use a place value chart to help you.
























M = millions

HTh = hundred thousands

TTh = ten thousands

Th – thousand

H = hundreds

T = tens

Os = ones

. = decimal point

t = tenths

h = hundredths

th = thousandths


When adding and subtracting decimals remember to put the digits in the correct column – line them up accurately.


White Rose Maths Home Learning

Lesson 1 – Multiply unit and non-unit fractions by integers

Lesson 2 – multiply mixed numbers by integers

Lesson 3 – Fractions of an amount

Lesson 4 – Fractions as operators


Handy Hints

Unit fractions means a fraction which has a numerator that is 1.          14


Non-unit fractions means a fraction which has a numerator that is not 1.       34


To find fractions of amounts – divide the whole number by the denominator then multiply by the numerator.


13  of  9 =   3              9 divided by 3 = 3             3 multiplied by 1 =  3


Of means the same as multiplied

13  of  9 =   3                       is the same as              13  x   9 =   




As there was quite an exciting event last weekend, for science you can have a look at what’s been happening in space.  Look at news clips and the amazing photos. I have found some, I wonder if you can find more?


This is a photo, taken in England, of the SpaceX making it’s way to the ISS. I wonder if you went out to spot it?


https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/52526849  On Saturday 30th May, SpaceX docks to ISS: Nasa astronauts land safely and make history.

https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/52845966  - earth sized planet, orbiting our nearest star.

Oak Academy

PSHE – On Monday, there is an interesting lesson about how you would run the country during our time in lockdown.

Music – On Friday , the lesson is all about exploring emotions in music.

Any budding chefs out there? In Oak Academy, click on activity clubs, On Bite Back 2030, there are some recipes you may be able to try.

30 days wild, so we are in June now and I have started my 30 days wild. More interesting ideas here:- https://www.wildlifetrusts.org/wildness

Here’s my first 4 days, what have you seen?


Murphy’s Adventures

Murphy has had a lovely half term and has been making the most of the amazing weather. To avoid the heat, we have been walking a local wood. He’s been enjoying going for a walk under the shady trees; running into and out of the bluebells; and splashing in the stream to cool down. Whilst on a morning walk, he noticed some new furry creatures but unfortunately they didn’t want to play with him. On Saturday, Murphy went for his first puppy pamper. He had a soapy wash, got brushed and had a trim – he smelt so good when he came home! It didn’t last long though as he was straight away digging in the mud and trying to escape into our neighbour’s garden!

Pip, Lil, Sid and Gracie.

Pip and Lil have been very… errrmmm… helpful in the garden. I spent half term clearing the garden and putting all the plants into pots so they don’t die whilst I redesign it. They both enjoyed sniffing the flowers and knocking things over.



A few weeks ago I made a crate joined to the roof of my log store and planted it up so that I would have a green roof. The plants are doing really well now in spite of Gracie thinking that the while idea was to build a high up bed for her to keep an eye out for the neighbour’s cats. I’m sure there are comfier places to sunbathe.


Sid was intrigued by the 100 origami cranes that I made in rainbow colours to string up outside. 100 cranes are meant to bring good luck. I’m not sure how lucky 99 are- as one of them was stolen away so the flock is one short.


Good luck with this week’s learning,

From all the Year 5 staff x

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