Letter from Year 5 staff w/c 22nd June

Date: 19th Jun 2020 @ 2:49pm

Hello Everyone,


I hope you are all well and working hard. The year 5 teachers have had some wonderful emails from some of you this week. Mikolaj and Blessing wrote lovely letters to Miss Brierley. She phoned Miss Smithson straight away to say how much they cheered her up. It’s always lovely to hear from you- especially right now when we should all be thinking, supporting and looking after each other. Your messages were full of thought- just what we all need at this difficult time. Miss Smithson was sent a lovely picture from Lucy- it is beautiful and it was lovely to see her looking happy and well in the photograph. Logan has been doing some amazing research into the feeding habits of owls…. I think we might have a future Chris Packham in our class. Have a look on the shout outs in the school blog to find out more.



Oak English

This week’s English focus is balanced arguments and the spellngs are homophones.


Lesson 1 – reading comprehension. In this lesson children will answer different types of questions (word meaning, fact retrieval, summary, inference, predictions, structure, language and comparisons) about a balanced argument. The subject matter is -should CCTV cameras be allowed in school?


Lesson 2- reading comprehension. In this lesson children will answer different types of questions (word meaning, fact retrieval, summary, inference, predictions, structure, language and comparisons) about a balanced argument. The subject matter is – graffiti.


Lesson 3- text analysis. In this lesson the children will identify the features of a balanced argument including adverbs of possibility, subordinating conjunctions, modal verbs and two sides of the argument.


Lesson 4- SPaG. In this lesson the children will learn how to recognise, select and use adverbs of possibility.


Lesson 5-  independent writing. The children will plan and write their own balanced argument. The subject matter is- should school uniforms be banned?


Remember to keep reading!










White Rose Maths

Week 8


Lesson 1 understand percentages.


Remember - Percent means per hundred.

Divide by 100


Lesson 2 percentages as fractions and decimals.


Lesson 3 adding decimals with the same amount of decimal places.


Lesson 4 adding decimals with a different number of decimal places.



Oak National Academy Maths

Week 8


This week’s oak national academy learning continues with the topic of decimals. The lessons move onto to learning how to multiply decimals by using mental strategies.

Lesson 1 Decimals: To use mental multiplication strategies.


Lesson 2 Decimals: To solve and represent decimal problems.


Lesson 3 Decimals: To represent two digit multiplication.


Lesson 5 Decimals: To solve long multiplication problems.

Oak Academy    

PSHE - Monday         Heroes    In today’s lesson, we will be looking at some of the heroes in the NHS who have worked tirelessly to protect us. So many doctors and nurses have come out of retirement to help – we need a new generation to support our wonderful NHS. As Deputy Prime Minister, you must convince children across the country to use school to develop the skills needed to succeed in working for the NHS.


Art  - Friday A really imaginative lesson based on the artist Juan Miro and automatic drawing.  Would love to see your results.

Another superhero for what he is doing to ensure every child is fed in the Uk during this pandemic is footballer Marcus Rashford – he is doing a p.e. lesson here




Ginny is settling in well, she is a bit mischievous, stealing pants from the washing basket and chewing things she shouldn’t be doing. We love her though, who wouldn’t with that ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ face. Ziggy is being very good with her too.

Sid and Gracie’s Garden

I moved house in January and before anything could be sorted out properly we were in lockdown with most of my belongings still in storage. At the weekend I got a delivery of plants which my mum had stored in her garden and my circular tree seat. My mini garden doesn’t have a tree (yet) but I spent Sunday installing the bench in the ground and starting to plant up around it. I was so happy to be able to spend some time outside but not half as happy as Sid and Gracie. The tree seat was always their favorite sun bathing patch and they clearly haven’t forgotten it. This morning I looked out and they were both sitting on it looking very content. Happy mogs mean a happy Miss Smithson.


Keep taking care of each other. Mental Health Awareness Week may have passed but the lessons that we learned from it should always be in the front of our minds. Things are changing and moving forward but it is still a difficult time so it is still important to show consideration and thought in order to keep everyone’s spirits up. Make it your mission this week to show someone that you understand how they feel. Be gentle, kind and patient. As we continue adapting to a new way of life and a different future let’s remember that we should treat each other with care and treat each other sensitivity and with empathy. When we are finding things difficult or frustrating it is easy to forget that other people may be struggling too. Think about the people you share your home and your lives with and take time to notice their feelings – show them that you understand and that you are there to help. You will be amazed how much easier it is to overcome obstacles if we look at things from everyone’s point of view.


Take care and be happy,

From all the Year 5 staff.

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