Letter from Year 5 staff w/c 11th May

Date: 7th May 2020 @ 4:38pm

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well and still managing to stay happy and healthy in this difficult time. We are so proud of all of you for doing your bit by staying at home to help our country fight this virus. We know it is so hard not seeing your family and friends, but by staying at home you are being heroes and helping our wonderful NHS.

We have had some lovely pictures from some of you this week. They have made us smile lots and we have loved looking at them. We miss seeing your smiles; miss you all being together in our classes and even miss telling you to get on with your work and to stop talking! We would love you to send us more pictures of what you are doing to stay happy and healthy during lockdown. We have also had children sending in pictures of the work that they have completed. Miss Brierley has been super impressed with all the work Tyler has been busy completing and she has loved looking at all of the pictures of Cain having a movie night with his siblings, doing his PE lessons and his gorgeous art work in his window. Miss Smithson loved Erin’s letter and tiger painting, and thought the poem that she wrote about nurses really show- cased her wide vocabulary. The picture that Noah drew of Florence Nightingale was excellent- he had clearly taken a lot of care. She loved seeing Logan’s science experiment and it reminded Miss Smithson of the chemistry set her brother was given one Christmas. Logan and his mum have been growing crystals using copper sulfate, something his teacher did too as a child.

We haven’t had any pictures of your furry creatures yet, so please don’t forget to include some of those! Our animals are keeping us all busy and making lockdown more bearable. 

Big Sid’s Lazy days

Big Sid has had a bad leg this week… or so I believed. We all know that Sid likes to spend most of his time sleeping however this week he seemed to be moving even less and his back legs appeared to be very stiff. After a couple of days of this, Sid started demanding that he be lifted to reach his food (which has to be on a table above the nose level of Pip and Lil, the greedy Springers). I explained to a neighbour (from a safe distance) that poor Sid was struggling as we both watched him lying in the sun looking old and baggy, when suddenly he heard a bird which seemed to be stuck in my neighbour’s chimney. Without a moment’s hesitation he sprang to his paws, jumped onto a wall and then again onto my neighbour’s roof, way above our heads. He managed to make me look very silly. Since then, even his saddest meows cannot persuade me to lift him to his bowl….well….not every time.

Pip and Lil have been enjoying the sunshine and the mud in the garden… the carpet on the stairs might have to go after lockdown. It’s looking beyond repair!

 Meanwhile Sid’s sister Little Gracie just looks on as if all the other four- legged creatures have lost the plot.




Murphy’s Adventures

This week, Murphy has enjoyed collecting sticks and looking at the view (really he was watching a bird!) He also met a horse on his daily walk which we have named Peppermint. When he’s been at home, he’s not been following Miss Brierley around as much and been getting used to being on his own more.


The adults in school have made a video (thanks to Mr Norris) of messages for you all. You will find the video on the first page of the school website under Mrs. Pearson’s message. See if you can work out Miss Smithson message (you may have to pause the video – email us with what it says!), spot Murphy and Ziggy’s tail and find the adult with a chicken in the picture. Maybe you could email us a picture message back as we would love to see some of your art work.

We hope that you enjoy your lessons for next week. Just try you best – that’s all we want! We know it is hard as we have so many distractions at home but doing a little bit each day will help you when we get back to school. Remember to find a good book which you are enjoying, or listen to someone reading your favourite book on the internet and practice your times tables.

Remember if you don’t have access to the internet and you need a paper copy of a home learning pack then ring school so we can provide you with one. You do not need to print the sheets out – just using your books or paper is absolutely fine.


Oak National Academy Maths Learning

For this week’s maths learning on Oak National Academy, the lessons are about converting units of measure involving time and length linked to the Olympics. You should have lots of knowledge from previous years (year 3 and 4) about this topic but it is a topic that we have not yet covered in Year 5. It is a brilliant topic to learn about as you will need to learn converting units to help you solve further maths problems in Year 6. Lesson 5 involves perimeter and we have covered this in the Autumn term so hopefully you’ll be able to make good progress in this lesson. There are lots of problem-solving questions during many of the maths lessons so get your pencils and paper ready and have a go! Remember if you find it tricky, don’t worry! Have a go, ask an adult or send Miss Brierley or Miss Smithson an email to ask for a bit of help!

Oak National Academy Lessons - Converting Units of Measures

Lesson 1 – To convert between seconds, minutes and hours

Lesson 2 – To solve problems involving converting between hours and minutes

Lesson 3 – To convert between units of length

Lesson 4 – To apply length conversions to problems

Lesson 5 – To find the perimeter and convert units of measurements


Here are some important handy hints (facts) which you need to remember:

60 seconds = 1 minute                    1 centimetre (cm) = 10 milllimetres (mm)

60 minutes = 1 hour                      1 metre (m)            = 100 centimetres (cm)

24 hours     = 1 day                     1 kilometre (km)   = 1000 metres (m)

7 days         = 1 week

White Rose Maths Home Learning

If you are preferring to do the White Rose Maths Home Learning then the lessons this week (Week beginning 4th May - remember we are a week behind!) are about written methods for multiplication and division with remainders and the final lesson is about perimeter. We have covered all of these topics in school so these lessons should be a brilliant recap of your learning.

The first four lessons will be fantastic practice for the arithmetic paper. If you are unsure (or confused!) about the area model lesson then just use the written method for multiplication that we have learnt in school.


White Rose Maths Home Learning Year 5  - summer term week 3

Lesson 1 – Multiply 2-digit numbers (area model) Remember use the written method if you are finding this method confusing!)

Lesson 2 – Multiply 4-digits by 2-digits

Lesson 3 – Divide with remainders

Lesson 4 –Calculate perimeter

Written methods for multiplication and division















Oak National Academy English Learning

This week’s lessons concern persuasive letter writing.

Lesson 1- in this comprehension lesson the children will gain a greater understanding of inference. The answer will not be directly found in the text but will be inferred. This means that there will be clues in the tone and content of the piece that you are reading which will help you form an opinion or thought. There is a slight issue with the text in this lesson as a picture covers some of the words but this should be resolved by those managing the website before the lesson starts.

Lesson 2- In this comprehension word meaning will be explored. Children will be asked to consider the vocabulary used in their reading

Lesson 3- the children will analyse a persuasive letter

Lesson 4- in this lesson the children will use commas in lists. This is a skill that will be useful in this week’s writing.

Lesson 5- In this lesson the children will plan and write their own persuasive letter. The lesson will scaffold the children’s work and lead them through the planning process.

Foundation SubjectsWW2 V-E Day 75th Anniversary 1945-2020 Victory in Europe" Greeting ...








On Friday, 8th May it is the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day. We have done lots of learning this year about World War II, this day is to commemorate the war in Europe coming to an end, as Nazi Germany had surrendered.  Many people will be celebrating this day, I wonder if you will, let us know what you do if so.  To find out more follow the following link.   https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/48201749

Foundation subjects to learn about next week:-

  • Science - have a look at the following videos, where you will learn about Lifecycles and reproduction.

https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/z2mjmp3 & https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/zd62tfr

At this time birds are nesting and laying eggs, have a look when you are outside but never disturb the nest, just use your eyes.  What other animals can you see? Do you they have young? We’d really like to hear about what you have seen in your environment.

Wakefield Cathedral, have peregrine falcons nesting, they have 3 chicks, you can watch them on their webcam. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sDVUK5xxTY – they are amazing birds, see what facts you can find out about them.

Last week I showed you a picture for you to guess what it was.  These are actually mason bees, don’t worry they do not sting.  They have been very busy even since last week…