Letter from Year 2 Staff w/c 6th July

Date: 3rd Jul 2020 @ 1:42pm

Dear Year 2,

Here we are again, Friday already.  We hope you and your families are all still safe and well.  What has happened to the weather this week? It certainly doesn’t feel like summer at the moment!

This week it’s been lovely to see pictures of Amaya celebrating her birthday and hear about how Cayl is getting on with his work at home. It was also fantastic to hear that Ayesha is enjoying learning about the planets and Spanish.  Her writing on the Cyclop was brilliant too.


As we won’t be able to have sports day this year, Mr Millington has been in touch with the people at Yorkshire Sport Foundation and has signed our school up for the virtual sports day they are holding on Tuesday 7th July. At 10am the official video will be premiered on the Yorkshire Sport Foundation YouTube channel. There will be 5 challenges that you will be able to do at home (the children in school will be doing it there too!).  If you then enter your results via a link on the 7th and 8th July (no names needed), your scores will be added to our school total.  Mrs Williams will certainly be taking part in the garden! Attached to this email is a letter with all the details and the link on so you can take part. 

Miss March’s Adventures

I have had another busy week this week. Having a puppy is very tiring work! She is possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen though so I can’t complain too much. I have been in school lots of days too having a wonderful time with the reception children. It is very strange without you all so hopefully we will be back together soon.

Mrs Williams’ Adventures

I’ve been busy this week doing lots of analysis of data – it’s made my eyes go funny some days! Apart from that, I’m still trying to walk or do a little exercise each day – Amaya has had me doing Just Dance with her but I’m not scoring very highly! I’m missing you all very much and can’t wait to get back to school soon. 


Oak National Academy English Learning – week 10

Lesson 1- To retrieve information from a non-chronological text. In this lesson, we will be reading a non-chronological text about pandas. We will then answer some retrieval questions based on the text.

Lesson 2- To identify the features of a non-chronological text. Today, we will be learning about and identifying the key features of a non-chronological text.

Lesson 3- To identify and use subordinating conjunctions.  We will be learning how to identify and use subordinating conjunctions.

Lesson 4- To organise facts under subheadings. In this lesson, we will be reading some facts about the Battle of Troy. We will be organising these facts under subheadings.

Lesson 5- To write a non-chronological text. In our final lesson this week, you will be writing a non-chronological text about the Battle of Troy. You will need a piece of paper, a pencil and your work from yesterday

Oak National Academy Maths Learning – week 10

Lesson 1 – To recall the 3x table using skip counting.  Today, we will be learning how to recall the 3 times table by using skip counting.

Lesson 2- To recall the 4x table using skip counting. Similar to yesterday, we will be learning how to recall the 4 times table by using skip counting.

Lesson 3- To use arrays for the 3x and 4x tables. In this lesson, we will be learning how to use arrays for the 3 and 4 times tables.

Lesson 4- To know division facts for the 3x table. Using our knowledge of the 3x table from earlier in the week, we will now be learning the division facts for the 3 times table.

Lesson 5 – To know division facts for the 4x table. Like yesterday, we will be learning the division facts for the 4 times table.

Foundation Subjects- Oak Academy

Science - What are constellations? We will be learning about stars and their temperatures. We will also learn about constellations.

Geography–  1. What affects where people live?  In this lesson we will be learning all about the natural features of a place that might determine where people choose to settle. You will even have the chance to design your own ideal settlement!

             2. How are settlements shaped? Settlements come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. In today's lesson we will be thinking about why settlements take the shapes that they do. This will involve taking a trip back in history to think about the first time that humans began to settle!

Art – To create a sculpture focused on reusable materials. In this lesson, we will be creating our own sculptures using reusable materials from our homes! Our inspiration will be from a British artist called Michelle Reader, who is known for her unique sculptures made out of reusable materials. Our sculptures can be made from rubber gloves to plastic bottles! Let’s get started!

Spanish- To be able to describe family members in Spanish.  In this lesson we will combine our learning from the last two lessons and use it to describe the hair and eye colour of different family members.

PSHE- Make kindness count.  In this lesson, you will be learning about kindness and how you can be kind at home. You will be looking at other people being kind and how it is easy to perform little, meaningful acts of kindness everyday whilst at home. You will create a kindness chart to record all the lovely, caring things you've done.

PE – Joe Wicks PE is still available 3 mornings per week (Mon, Wed, Sat).  Keep being active though! You do not have to do the Joe workouts though – there are lots of other things you could do – some of you may have Just Dance (or can access it on Youtube), copy tictoc type routines, jump around the garden or go for a bike ride!

Remember…try your best, do a little bit each day and if you’re stuck get in touch with us 2wmoldgreen@kirkleeseducation.uk and 2mmoldgreen@kirkleeseducation.uk


Mrs Williams and Miss March

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