Letter from Year 2 staff w/c 11th May

Date: 7th May 2020 @ 4:20pm

Dear Year 2 children, parents and carers,

Thank you to all of you that have sent us emails or photo’s to let us know what you have been up to – it looks like you are using this time to do some really creative things alongside school work.  Receiving messages from you makes us smile so keep it up using 2wmoldgreen@kirkleeseducation.uk to reach Mrs Williams and 2mmoldgreen@kirkleeseducation.uk to reach Miss March.

…And…look out for a ‘shout out’ email (coming Monday) and blog page on the school website where some of you might get a special mention each week!

Talking of messages, have you seen the one from the staff at Moldgreen for you? Unfortunately it is too large a file to attach to this email but you can see it on the school website and on the school Twitter page @MoldgreenCPS.

It looks like lots of you have been able to access the work on the Oak National Academy website www.thenational.academy/ which is fantastic.  From Monday we’ll be doing week 3 – here’s an outline of what you’ll be doing.

English-Continuing with the Firework Maker’s Daughter.  This week you’ll be retrieving information from the text (like comprehension we do in school), identifying the key features of setting descriptions and writing your own.  You’ll also use commas in lists and use these between adjectives in your description.

Maths- This week you’ll be looking at rotation of shapes and objects using half, quarter and three quarter turns and left and right.  You’ll also look at patterns and following a route around a map.

Science- How the Earth turns and why night and day happen.

History- You’ll be learning about Fu Hao (a peasant who became a great priestess and general) and King Zhon.  You’ll also find out how the Shang Dynasty came to an end.

Spanish – Recap of the alphabet and numbers before learning to say your age in Spanish.

Art- You’ll find out about British artist Jane Perkins who uses recycled materials to make portraits.  Have a go at making a portrait with things you find in your house or garden!

For other subjects including phonics, here are some websites that you could access, but please do not feel that you need to.


Phonics www.phonicsplay.co.uk


Reading- https://readon.myon.co.uk/   


PE- Joe Wicks on his you Tube channel


Remember – we’d love it if you could do the English and Maths.  If you can do the others that’s brilliant but it is far better for you to mentally well and so make sure you are playing out in your garden, doing some baking or just having fun with the people you live with!


Hopefully you will have a good VE Day today and we hope that Ramadan is continuing to go well for our families.  Keep smiling all of you, you are all doing an amazing job.  Keep sending us pictures of what you are up to and if you need anything at all please get in touch!

Stay safe,

Love from

Mrs Williams and Miss March


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