Letter from Reception Staff w/c 8th June 2020

Date: 5th Jun 2020 @ 2:20pm

Dear Parents/Carers.

It has been great to see what you have been doing on Tapestry thank you for sharing with us.

We will be uploading new activities for you to do with your child on Tapestry using the memo section on Monday.

This week in Literacy we will be learning about travel to the moon. The story we are doing is ‘Whatever next?’ -see you tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6c5cb0u0rPM

You may also want to watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGnX6GkrOgk  which takes you on a journey through space!

You could also watch some of the recent rocket launch at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W36QKRS_t5k

Can you make a rocket to go to the moon? Can you make a picnic for when you get there? Maybe you could fly to another planet. This week we would like you to write a story about flying to the moon or a different planet. Don’t for get to begin your sentences with a capital letter, and end it with a full stop. Use finger spaces, cursive letters and rest your letters on the line. Your story should have a beginning, middle and end.

In Maths this week we will be doing various space themed addition and subtraction activities.

In art we will be painting, drawing or using collage to make a space picture.


We hope you managed to access the phonics on you tube called ‘Letters and sounds at home and school.’

The BBC bitesize phonics is fun and also really useful.



I have also been using https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk/  which has free games and is fun, and also   https://www.phonicsbloom.com/  which has some free games.

I will also attach some phase 3 worksheets for you to do.

We look forward to seeing all the fantastic work you do and remember to email us if you need any further help or advice. If you need any work printing out if you ring the school or email us we can arrange for it to be printed and collected.

If your child does good work at home if you email a picture to school it will be put onto a newsletter and shared with the whole school.

These are the class emails for RL and RM.



Kind regards,

Reception Staff

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