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We have been lucky enough to be able to arrange our forest school trips again for a new group of pupils in 2019-20. Fourteen children from across years 2 to 6 will be taking part in three different sessions at the forest school site in Slaithwaite across the school year.

Autumn Term - Trip 1
On 19th November the group went on their first trip to Be More Outdoors. It was a very chilly day, but thankfully the children were mostly dressed well - though we did borrow a couple of extra pairs of socks.

The children started by learning about how they need fuel, kindling and tinder for lighting their fire, and worked together to prepare this. They used fire steels to light the fires themselves. Then after preparing pizza wraps, they cooked their own lunches over their fires.

Everyone stayed very positive all morning and worked really well in their groups to achieve their task.

Autumn Term
Group 1's first session had to be rearranged due to high winds. This is the only weather that cancels forest school session due to the increased risks. This meant that Group 2 were the first to have a go at making their fires.

In both sessions, children learnt about how best to cut the wood, looking for the pith. They were taught about the fire triangle, and Alan explained how they needed tinder, kinderling and fuel for the fire.

Once all the theory and demonstration was done, the children worked in small teams to build their fires. They used fire steels to light them - not as easy as it first seems. Then best of all, they made their pizzas and cooked them by themselves!

Spring Term
In the Spring Term, our trips were supposed to be around den building. However, the day that Group 2 were going was rather wet, so at the last minute we decided to swap their event to tool use.

Group 1 did get to lean about building shelters. They learned about the 'rules of 3' and looked at models of different types of shelters. After making their own 'mini me', they built small shelters that their stick people could stay in. Finally they used tarpaulins and ropes to build bigger shelters.

Group 2 will be doing den building on their Summer Term trip. This time they listened to Alan's story about how he got his first dog after months of taking care of his own, handmade log dog. The children then had a go at making their own, using saws to cut wood cookies and hammers to put everything together.

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