Year 5/6

Ukulele Town Hall event

On Tuesday 20th November a group of year 5 and 6 pupils performed in Huddersfield Town Hall as part of the town's Contemporary Music Festival. The children left school at 12:30 and walked into town where they met with other young performers. Moldgreen joined two other primary schools to create the Ukulele ensemble. Rehearsals took place throughout the afternoon and the children worked with a large group of guitarists and a youth orchestra to practice their pieces.

At 5:30 the first of two concerts began and the children performed the ukulele segment of  two contemporary compositions of experimental music. In the second concert the children played and sang two ukulele pieces- Budapest and La Cucaracha. They then formed part of the choir and accompanied the orchestra as they played Reach for the Stars.

The children behaved beautifully- their good conduct, manners and patience were praised by a number of festival organisers and musicians.  They performed with great enthusiasm, paying great attention to the conductors in order to do their very best. The staff accompanying the children were exceptionally proud of the group and would like to thank them for their hard work and team spirit. We would like to extend warm thanks to the parents, carers and friends who supported the school by watching the concert and collecting the children afterwards. 

Connected learning - WW2

Anderson Shelters

In groups, the children worked to complete a mini Anderson shelter and garden to replicate 1940's gardens. They planned their projects and gathered materials to make it as authentic as they could. Good models Y5/6!

The children also had a go at making some WW2 recipes. The children made a raisin cake and some carrot cookies. They went down very well!



Today we were lucky enough to have the Wonder Dome in school. All three Y5/6 classes were able to enjoy a session in the dome, learning about the Solar System, the Milky Way and constellations with an astronomer.



Year 5 have been using White Rose Maths techniques to work out place value problems.


Earth and Space

The children worked out scale models of the planets and then used balloon to make the gas giants.

Lots of fun was had covering the balloons in layers of paper.

Year 5/6 in Action!

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