Year 3/4


Miss Haigh, Mrs Gaukroger and Miss Lee are the year 3 teachers, while year 4 are taught by Mr Millington and Miss Johnson. Miss Ramzan and Mr Smithies support the children with their learning. Children are ability grouped for English and Maths each morning but return to their class groups in an afternoon.

Children are collected by staff every morning from the top deck.  If you wish to see your child's teacher then please catch them at this point. However, if you require a longer chat please arrange a mutually convenient time through the office as staff have to register children and begin lessons at the start of the day.

Children are no longer given weekly homework, though we do ask that children read to someone at home a minimum of three times a week. This is vital to enable them to progress as they should. Better reading leads to better spelling, better writing, and better access to other curriculum areas. Please find time to listen to your child read and record it in their reading record.

Reading club takes place twice-each week on a Tuesday and a Thursday. Children in years 2, 3 and 4 can come along to 3H from 12:00 until 12:30 on these days and read comic books, magazines, short stories or their own reading books. They will get a sticker in their reading record which will count as one of the 3 reads children need to complete each week! 

Summer Term

Years 3 and 4 started the summer term with a trip to Be More Outdoors to learn all about plants, as this will be their next science topic. We were very lucky to have received a grant from the Ernest Cook Trust to cover the cost of these sessions.

At the site, there were 4 sessions available; foraging, seed dispersal, cooking and a craft session.
In the foraging group, children were let around the Horsefield site to learn about some plants that it is safe - and often delicious! - to eat, including wild garlic and dandelions. Those learning about seed dispersal found out about the 5 main ways that plant seeds are spread. They had a go at creating some seeds of their own and investigated which travelled furthest. Over at the cooking station, children learnt about edible plants and made some different breads which were baked and tasted on site. Finally, those taking part in the craft activity used Hapa Zome (using mallets to smash the dye from plants onto fabric) to create a picture of a plant and then labelled the different parts.
The children also had some free time over lunch for playing and climbing trees. It was wonderful to see them having so much fun!
To find out more about the work that Be More Outdoors do and to see their holiday sessions, please visit

Spring Term

In the Spring term we are learning about ancient civlisations. We will learn how Stone Age people lived, dressed and even how they drew. We also learn about the Ancient Greeks, starting of course with where Greece is!

As part of this topic learning, children in years 3 nd 4 got to experience life in prehistoric Britain. We had a time-travelling visitor in school who brought many artifacts from the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages for us to look at, sketch, hold and learn about. She also taught us to create cave drawings and helped us to make our own Bronze Age mirrors. What a fantastic time we had! Check the tab to the left to see some photographs from our day.

In science we started with a topic on Forces and Magnets, with a large focus on magnets. We have carried out different investigations to learn more about how magnets work, finding out which materials are magnetic, which magnets are the strongest, making our own magnetic games and even making a compass. 

After the half term, we will move on to Animals, Including Humans, covering nutrition and how skeletons and muscles provide protection and support.

Autumn Term

Our Autumn term Connected Learning topic is The Angry Earth.  We are learning about volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters. We are learning about how these happen and considering how these disasters impact on people.

Linked to this, our science topic is Rocks and Soils. We will learn how different types of rocks are made, whether all rocks are hard, how we get fossils and research about significant scientists in this area. We have already had a go at making our own rocks using grated chocolate. Yummy!

As part of our topic, we have made our own volcanoes. We built up the 'mountain' around a plastic bottle using papier mache, then painted it to represent the rock and the lava. We even made them erupt using bicarbonate of soda, food colouring and vinegar. It was great fun!


We have enjoyed learning how to play the ukulele and are mastering some chords.

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