Year 2


Year 2 teachers are Mrs Williams and Mr Simeson. Mrs Day and Miss Atter support in Year 2. Year 2 are collected from the top playground by their teacher each morning.  They will be brought out at the end of the day and can only go when an adult is there to collect them.  Please note you must inform school if it is a different adult picking your child up otherwise they will not be allowed to go.

Our PE days are on Tuesday and Wednesday, please ensure your child has kit for indoor and outdoor PE at all times.

As the weather gets warmer, please make sure your child has a water bottle in school. These can be kept in your child's classroom, where it is their responsibility to rinse and fill it with fresh water every day. There are water cups in each classroom available to use but in the interest of hygiene, we encourgae children to bring their own water bottle.

If you would like a longer chat with your child's teacher please speak to them and make an appointment for a mutually convenient time.  The end of the day is often better then the start of the day as the teachers need to register their class.



In preparation for these assessments you may look at the following websites:

* Top marks - Interactive maths games to improve artitmetic -

* Top marks - Interactive English games to improve spelling, punctuation and grammar -

* Past SATs papers to see the types of questions asked or to print out and try with your child -

* KS1 spelling list - words/word patterns to practise at home -

Listening to your child read and asking them questions about their book will also help improve their comprehension (see the VIPERS bookmark for the types of questions to ask). 

WORK IN SCHOOL - see below



Beegu landed at Moldgreen

We had a great day today (9th September) as Beegu crash landed in the the Y1 playground. We read her story and found out about the events she had on Earth and talked about the way she would have felt in different situations. We are about to start writing about her journey from her point of view.

Science - Materials

In Science we are learning about materials. We will be learning about all the different types of materials and their properties. We will also identify and sort which materials are man-made and which materials are natural. 

We had a great trip out around the local area, looking for different materials and their uses. We also found out that some materials are used for a variety of objects!

Take a look at the follow websites to support your child's scientific learning at home:

Material games





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