Year 1

Miss Brookes, Miss Thornton and Mrs Ferdinand teach our year 1 classes.  Mrs Walsh and Mrs Gallagher support in Year 1. Every morning Year 1 children are collected from the bottom (Year 1) playground by staff.  Children are to be collected from the same place at 3:20pm. Please inform the office before 3pm if anyone other than those we have listed is going to collect your child. They will need to provide the password you provided the office if they are not on the class teachers list.   


If you wish to speak to your child's teacher please see them at the end of the day if possible.  If it is more urgent please catch us in the morning however, if you require a longer chat please arrange a mutually convenient time. The start of the day isn't always the best time as teachers need to register children.

On this page we will show you some of the work that our children are doing each half term. 

Spring 2

We have been doing contraction surgery in English!  We learnt that certain words can be shortened and the missing letters replaced with an apostrophe. 



Spring 1

Our theme this half term is Cold Countries. We have already done lots of exciting things such as rescueing Anna from the 'Fortress of the Freezer' and timing and measuring in ml how fast (or slow) the ice was melting using the skills we had been learning in Maths. 


We learnt about water freezing by making Elsa's hand, and melting by having a competition to return it to water as quickly as possible. 


We have been mixing shades and tints to make 'cold' pictures and using our stencilling and cutting skills to make a silhouette.





This half term we will be learning about materials and their properties in our Connected Learning work and in English using non-fiction texts.  In maths we will be learning about standard measures through weight and developing our understanding of number, addition and subtraction. In the coming days we will add photo's of some of our work.




Autumn 1

Welcome back to school!

From what the children have told us, they have had lots of fun in the holidays.  The children have settled in to their new classes well and have adjusted quickly to being upstairs in school.  We have lots of exciting things planned this term and will try and post as many pictures as we can on this page - so keep checking back. 

English - This half term we will practising using the correct punctuation in sentences including capital letters to start a sentence, finger spaces between words and fullstops at the end of a sentence. We will also be learning what an adjective is and begin to use them in our writing.  We will be looking at fiction, non-fiction and poetry textx this half-term.  

Maths - We will be focusing on place value and addition and subtraction this half term, building our confidence with numbers and learning to use lots of new methods to help us (including ten frames, numicon and number lines). We are also looking at 2D and 3D shapes and will begin to measure using non-standard and standard units.


Connected Learning - In Year 1 almost all of our other subjects are covered through Connected Learning.  Our theme is 'Ourselves - Keeping healthy and Staying Safe'. Amongst lots of things, we will be finding out about our senses through investigations and, hopefully, a visitor in to school.  We will be using David Hockney's collage 'Mother' as a basis for our own photo collages and will be creating 3D modroc masks as a portrait of ourselves. 

Photo collage self-portraits

Whilst looking at portraits, we looked at one by David Hockney of his mother.  We took photos of the children and sliced them up and then the children put them back together.  We think they look great and are making a huge impact on display.  Here are just a selection. 






Modroc portraits

We have also been making 3D portraits of ourselves by using modroc to make a mask.  We looked carefully at our eyes, lips and hair to decorate them to look like us! Some of us got very messy but we think the results were worth it! 





Valli Opticians

We have been learning about our senses and have investigated how good ours are.  We have thought about how important our eyes are and were lucky enough to have a visit from Mr Valli from Valli Opticians.  He told us about the different parts of our eyes, what we can do to look after them and told us some fun facts.  He also showed us how an optician would check our eyes.



Healthy Eating

As part of our learning about healthy eating, we have been looking at the food pyramid to see which foods we should eat more of.  We designed a balanced lunch as part of this.  We have tasted lots of fruit - some of which was new to many of us - and then have designed and made fruit kebabs using our favourite fruits.  We learnt how to do bridge grip to hold the fruit and to cut safely using a knife. We even tried to make repeating patterns with our fruit, like we've been learning about in maths, to make our kebabs look good!



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