Lower Key Stage 2

Lower Key Stage 2 is made up of year 3 and year 4, who are grouped together in two year three classes (3H with Miss Haigh and 3LG with Miss Lee and Mrs Gaukroger) and two year four classes (4M with Mr Millington and 4J with Mrs Jones). 

Though currently taught in separate year groups, years 3 and 4 share the curriculum for Connected Learning, Science, RE, Computing, French, Music and PE, with the exception of swimming only being taught in year 4. These subjects are taught over a two year programme so that  pupils will have developed all necessary skills andd knowlege by the end of lower key stage 2.

As a school, we have agreed that we will not set weekly homework in Maths and English. We do ask that all children read to an adult a minimum of three times per week, aiming to develop their fluency and expression as well as their understanding of what they read. This not only improves their reading skills, but also their writing and gives them better access to all other areas of the curriculum.

It is also important to practise times tables with your children. By the end of year 4, children are expected to know all of them up to 12 x 12, as well as all related division facts.

For more detail about what the children are learning, please click on the Year 3/4 link to the left.