Governing Body and Committee Structures

Full Name

Date of Appointment

Term of Office

Body Appionted by & Governor Type

Governance Role in other Educational Institutions

Relationship with School Staff

Relevant Business / Financial Interests

Mrs Christine Hall 07/02/2018

4 Yrs

Governing Body - Co-opted None None None
Mrs Helen Stead 13/10/2017 4 Yrs

Staff election - Staff

None None None
Mr Mohammed Ilyas 02/10/2017

4 Yrs

Governing Body - Co-opted None None None
Mrs Sue Cockcroft 19/10/2016

4 Yrs

Parent election - Parent

Removed 19/10/2018

None None None
Mrs Tania Smith 01/01/2017 N/A Headteacher None None None
Mr Trevor Armitage 30/11/2016

4 Yrs

Parent election - Parent None None None
Mr Dean Davis 19/01/2017 4 Yrs Governing Body - Associate None None None
Mrs Maria Sykes 02/10/2018 4 Yrs Governing Body - Co-opted None None None
Mrs Louise Szewczyk 12/07/2018 4 Yrs Governing Body - Co-opted None None None

Mr Andrew Hancox

29/11/2018 4 Yrs L.A. Governor None None None
Mr Chris Shaw 23/01/2019 4 Yrs Parent election - Parent None None None

Business of the governing body and monitor the progress that the school is making towards the SIP. In addition, there will be statutory committees that fulfil a specific purpose. NB – The headteacher has the right to attend any committee meeting but can only vote if appointed to that committee (other than the statutory committees.

Committee Chair Committee Members
Standards and Effectiveness Committee tbc T Smith, C Hall, H Stead, M Sykes, L Szewczyk, A Hancox
Resources Committee D Davis M Ilyas, T Smith, T Armitage, D Davis, C Hall, L Szewczyk, C Shaw
Performance Management Committee C Hall C Hall, M Sykes
Staff Dismissal Committee C Hall M Ilyas, C Hall, A Hancox
Staff Dismissal Appeals Committee M Sykes T Armitage, D Davis, M Sykes
Complaints Committee C Hall C Hall, H Stead, A Hancox

The following Governors have been appointed with Specific Responsibility for the Academic Year 2018 -19:

Chair: C Hall  Vice Chair: A Hancox

SEN Governor: D Davis,  Governor for Looked after Children: M Sykes, Child Protection Governor: M Sykes, Early Years Governor, Literacy Governor: H Stead, Equality Governor and Health and Safety: T Armitage, Governor Training Contact: C Hall, Premium Link Governor and Safeguarding Governor; A Hancox,  Maths (tbc),  Leadership and Management: M Sykes



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