Global Learning

     What is Global Learning?

Children at Moldgreen Community Primary School are Global Learners, this means that they are taught about global issues throughout the curriculum.

Global Learning is concerned with exploring the interconnections between people and places around the world. It asks us to observe the similarities and differences that exist around our world today and relate these to our own lives.



What are the benefits of Global Learning?

By including Global Learning in teaching, links can easily be made between local and global issues and young people are given the opportunity to:

* Critically examine their own values and attitudes

* Appreciate the similarities between peoples everywhere, and learn to value diversity

* Understand the global context of their local lives

* Develop skills that will enable them to combat injustice, prejudice and discrimination.



The Global Learning Programme (GLP)

The GLP is a funded programme of support that is helping teachers in Primary, Secondary and Special Schools to deliver effective teaching and learning about development and global issues at Key Stages 2 and 3. We are pleased to announce that Moldgreen Community Primary School has recently become an Expert Centre for Global Learning and we are delivering training to local schools to help them embed Global Learning in their curriculum.


Global Learning Awards

As well as being an Expert Centre with the GLP, Moldgreen also have a number of awards that celebrate our achievements. Miss Lee and the Eco Committee helped our School qualify for the Bronze Eco-Schools Award, see their page on our website for more information. We have also been awarded the Silver Rights Respecting Schools Award (RRSA) and you can check our page here.



Global Learning in Action

Friday 2nd February 2018 - NSPCC Number Day

The whole school celebrated Number Day in style, all children and staff came in maths themed non-uniform for the day. We had clothes with shapes, lines, patterns and numbers. In class, the children talked about the important work the NSPCC do to protect children and linked this to Article 36 of the UNCRC. We also had fun doing number related activities throughtout the day. Thank you for all of your kind donations, they will go towards the wonderful work the NSPCC do.

Tuesday 30th January 2018 - Town Hall Visit

On Tuesday 30th January the School Council walked to the Town Hall in Huddersfield to meet the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor. The meeting took place in the Council Chambers. When everyone was seated a civic attendant, carrying a mace spoke and we all had to stand up as the mayoral party took their seats. The Mayor, Deputy Mayor and a Councillor answered questions about how they got their roles and what their jobs actually meant. They spoke about being a voice for the community and standing up for issues that were important to everyone, not just the adults. They spoke about things like democracy and why this is important. We were encouraged to go with our families to vote in elections. 

Friday 22nd December 2017 - Reverse Advent for the Welcome Centre

The School Council have organised the Reverse Advent for the second year running. We just managed to squeeze all your kind donations into Mrs Szewczyk's car. We were toally blown away by your generosity and the Welcome Centre were amazed with your donations. Thanks to you, many, many families will have food over the Chrismas period.

Friday 14th July 2017 - Shoe Share

We have been busy collecting all of your unwanted shoes for the Shoe Share project which is organised by Unicef and Clarks. For every tonne of shoes collected a donation is made to Unicef to help children access their right to education (Artice 28 of the UNCRC). Thank you all for your generous donations, Mr Simeson and Miss Johnson struggled to carry them all to the Clarks store in town!

Friday 16th June 2017 - Den Day

The whole school had great fun contructing dens to raise awareness for Save the Children. Save the Children is a charity which help protect children all over the world. We discussed how some children in the world do not have a safe place to live and weren't accessing their right to a good standard of living (Article 27). Miss Johnson and the RRS Council contacted local businesses to ask if they would provide materials to help build our dens, a big thank you to: Greggs, Pizza Hut, KFC, Express Electricals, Blackburns Outdoor and WT Johnson & Sons for the boxes and fabric they donated. Have a look at the video below of Year 2 children building their dens:

Monday 22nd May 2017 - Children's Hospice Week - Torch Relay

Alyssa Watson and Tiarna Baker-Gay, two of our Rights Respecting Council, walked to Dalton School as part of the Torch Relay to raise awareness for The Forget Me Not Trust. A big thank you to Mrs Yates for walking with them; Dalton School for making the torch and giving us such a warm welcome and Jane Lees from Almondbury Community School for organising the day. We will be having an assembly on Thursday 24th May for all of KS2 to explain more about the Forget Me Not Trust and Children's Hospice Week 


Tuesday 4th April 2017 - Visit to Forget Me Not Children's Hospice

Two members of the Rights Respecting Council, Daniel Haigh and Arthur Godward, accompanied children from other schools in our community on a visit to Forget Me Not Children's Hospice. The children all learnt about the work the hospice does for children who are terminally ill and their families. They looked around the different rooms, including the pool, where the children have hydrotheraphy, the gardens and the music therapy room.

Week Beginning 21st October 2016 - OutRight Week

The whole school did lots of work to celebrate the anniversary of the United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child. The week was focused on the rights of refugee children and we found out which of their rights are not being respected. Year 6 wrote a letter to Amber Rudd, the UK Home Secretary, and told her how unfairly we think refugee children are being treated. Year 6 also created some eye catching blackout poetry about refugees.



30th September 2016 - Poverty

Year 6 have been working with Miss Johnson and talking about child poverty in the UK. Did you know there are almost one in six children in the country living under the poverty line? We decided we are going to do something about this! Here are our inital ideas:

In the coming weeks we will be planning and organising a 'Reverse Advent' throughout December where adults bring in items to donate to the Welcome Centre in Huddersfield who provide food and other goods for people living in poverty. Check the Wecome Centre website for items that they currently need, please note you will be updated via the newsletter with the dates we will begin collecting in school but you could always go to the Welcome Centre to make a donation. We also plan on writing to local MPs to get them involved and support our project.

18th May 2016 - Rainforest Workshop

Year 5 and 6 visited Chester Zoo and Year 6 were lucky enough to take part in a workshop all about the rainforest. They learnt about the devastating effects of deforestation and the palm oil industry has on the rainforest and what we can do to prevent this. They also had the opportunity to handle artefacts from the rainforest including a giant snake skin!


12th February 2016 - #ShowTheLove

The whole school talked about what they love about our world and how we can take action against climate change to perseve our beautiful planet. We watched this thought provoking video, with Jermey Irons and Maxine Peake.


The children then made green hearts to take home to symbolise their love and were asked to talk about climate change at home.


28th September 2015 - World’s Largest Lesson

Earlier this year children from KS1 and KS2 took part in The World’s Largest Lesson, where Years 1 to 6 learnt about the new Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs (see picture below). Each year group chose one of the SDGs to base some of their work around and here is what we did. Can you guess which SDG each   year group chose?


Year 1

Linking to their Theme about being healthy Year 1 children made posters to advertise a healthy lifestyle.


Year 2

Year 2 investigated how throwing away rubbish into the sea can have horrible effects on the environment fish and other sea life live in.


Year 3

They created artwork inspired by Pablo Picasso’s famous Peace Dove. Look at their eye catching display!


Year 4

Year 4 were very busy indeed! Each class created their own Pledge Book for how they will alter their lives slightly to work towards achieving the SDGs. They also created raps, poems, posters and drama pieces based around a SDG of their choice.


Year 5/6

The children in Upper KS2 created peace shape poetry using figurative language.


Whole School


Throughout the week the whole school took part in a treasure hunt to find the SDGs. When they found one of the SDGs the children could write what we could do to help achieve it. The children had so many fantastic ideas that Miss Johnson had to keep photocopying them to keep up. Here are all of our ideas...



 6th March 2015 - Fair and Funky Conference

Eight children from Years 3-6 attended a conference all about Fair Trade. Throughtout the day they had fun learning about Fair Trade, sampled Fair Trade chocolate, made music and did some arts and crafts.