Mr Simeson is the English Lead.

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Children in Year 1 will be assessed on their phonics in the week beginning 8th June 2020. Children in Year 2 who did not pass in Year 1 will also be re-tested.

Children will be assessed by their class teacher in the first instance or a teacher they know well. This is on a one to one basis.

Children will be asked to read 40 words supplied by the DfE. In the past, the children have had to read 32 correctly to achieve a pass. 

The children have had practise with this style of assessment in class and there are many examples on-line for you to support your child,

Some words are real and some words are made up. The made up words have an alien next to them so the children know they are 'alien' words. Sometimes these words look like 'real' words but the children must read them as they are written.

Parents can read the guidelines from links to the DfE web-site (www.gov.uk) or google phonics check 2020

Useful links are below:



Please see documents list as the bottom of this page for further help and support.

If you need any support, please discuss this with your child's class teacher or Mr SImeson.


If you would like your children to explore some suitable websites, then we can suggest the following:







All Year 1 children have access to Reading Eggs and all have a log in. If you have a children in Year 1 and they are not using Reading Eggs, please see your child's class teacher.

Some Year 2 children are also using Reading Eggs where required.


We have found in the past that some children have not done as well in SPAG tests due to their spelling ability. Also some children are not using the spellings they know on a day to day basis. Therefore we have subscribed to this website and all children from Y2 to Y6 should have a log in. If you think your child is not using this resource, please see the class teacher. www.spellingshed.com https://play.edshed.com/login

Children are already loving the game and accessing the lunchtime club to improve their score and therefore their spelling ability.


Thank you to those who have already purchased books this year. The magazines will be sent home half-termly and the school will place the order for you and we receive commission on orders made. Keep your eyes peeled for the dates for the Christmas book Fair and of course the return of the Book Bus in the summer!



Well done to all the children who entered and especially to those that made it to the final. 

By popular demand we will run the competition again in the spring.



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