Eco Schools

About Eco-Schools 

Eco-schools is an international award programme that guides schools on their sustainable journey, providing a framework to help embed these principles into the heart of the school.

Moldgreen Community Primary School currently holds the Bronze award. An Eco-Committee, led by pupils, works together with staff to help us to continue to consider the environmental impact of the school community.

The Eco-Committee


The committee is led by a group of year 5 pupils, with support from staff and governors. They are Ta'liyah, Hollie, Ella-Grace, Abby, Olivia and Madison. Other members of the committee are Miss Lee, Mrs Smith, Mr Holmes, Mrs Thewlis and Mrs Thompson.

The committee will be using this website, a display board in school and assemblies to share news about new initiatives to make the school more sustainable.

Battery Recycling

We now have a battery recycling point in the school office. If you have any batteries that are no longer usable, please bring them in to the school and deposit them in the box.

Milk Bottles

The children now have their milk in recyclable plastic bottles. This is a great step forward in reducing our waste impact. Mr Simeson is also collecting the lids so that they can be exchanged for equipment to help children with disabilities.

30 Days Wild 

Each June, The Wildlife Trust run their 30 Days Wild event. The idea behind this is to encourage people to get outside and reconnect with nature every day for a month. This year, we are planning to take part as a school. We will be sharing more information about this soon.

In the meantime, if you are interested in registering to take part at home, you can find out more information here.

Archived events

Recycled Fashion

Mrs Yates and Mrs Fahy have been running a range of crafts clubs throughout the year. During the final half term they ran a project with some children to create fashion from rubbish and they showed off their final work during a fashion show to the whole school. The results were spectacular, as seen in the pictures. Do you think you could design recycled clothes?

Empty Classroom Day

On Friday 17th June, many of the teachers chose to take lessons outside as part of the Eco Schools Empty Classroom Day. Despite the dodgy weather, the children loved having the chance to take learning outdoors and many have asked whether we can do this again. Here are some pictures of what we got up to.

Mrs Lucas' Reception class are showing their balancing skills.

1F developed their skills playing hockey.

1W enjoyed a story in the outdoor classroom.

3H maths made some shapes.

4J English looked for inspiration for their colour poems.

5J English also made the most of the outdoor classroom for their work on Holes.

The Golden Boot Award

We will be finding out each week how many children walk to school and the class with the highest number will win the Golden Boot Award. Walking to school instead of driving will really help to cut down pollution caused by cars. It will also help children in the school to be healthier and will keep us safer by reducing the number of cars around.

The Environment in our Curriculum

Across the school, we try to make sure that we include learning about the environment within our currriculum. The whole school looked at the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and Year 2 focussed their learning on the effect of pollution in our oceans. You can find out more about their work and our Global Learning here.

Many children in the school looked at and wrote newspaper reports about the floods that happened in December, and as part of their work they discussed the environmental issues that had led to such severe flooding. There is an example of a Year 6 report below.

A number of year groups have visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park over the last term. Year 3 have done some work researching and writing about habitats of different animals. Years 5 and 6 visited Chester Zoo as part of their rainforest topic and among other work, they have learnt a lot about the impact of deforestation on habitats and the environment.



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  2. Moldgreen Primary Eco-Code
  3. Newspaper Flood Report