Year 4 have made some fantastic Christmas artwork using iPads. See below for some examples:


Year 3/4 made some super videos this week. Have a look below.



Year 2 made some brilliant animations connected to their Space topic.


Look at these amazing pieces of Space art created by Year 2 in Computing this week:



 #Year 1 created some beautiful artwork on their theme of the Seaside using the iPads!







Year 2 used their non-fiction writing from English to create these fun videos.




Year 2 made some amazing Number games in Scratch Jr for the Reception children and played the games with them last week.





Year 3 have been programming cool animations on


Here are a couple of their animations:

Charlie's (click to move the dragon!)







Here you will find some of the fantastic projects the children have created in Computing lessons.

Here are some fantastic Space themed games from Year 5 and 6!

Year 5/6J and 5/6M made some great Star Wars, cartoon games and Scratch projects.

Here is Connor's Star Wars game:

Daniel's game:

Jaiden's game:

Corey's game:

Olivia's game:

Dylan's game:

George's game:

Syed's game:

Jada's game:

Isaac W's game:

Jaskirit's game:


All the year 5/6 Scratch animations: