This week, year 4 worked out the algorithms for their own cool dance and then created the code for an elf to perform their dance!

These were judged and the best dances are shown below:






Last week, Year 3 have made brilliant Christmas Quizzes using Google Forms!

Year 4 have made some fantastic Christmas artwork using iPads. See below for some examples:


Year 3/4 made some super videos this week. Have a look below.



Year 2 made some brilliant animations connected to their Space topic.


Look at these amazing pieces of Space art created by Year 2 in Computing this week:



 #Year 1 created some beautiful artwork on their theme of the Seaside using the iPads!







Year 2 used their non-fiction writing from English to create these fun videos.




Year 2 made some amazing Number games in Scratch Jr for the Reception children and played the games with them last week.





Year 3 have been programming cool animations on


Here are a couple of their animations:

Charlie's (click to move the dragon!)







Here you will find some of the fantastic projects the children have created in Computing lessons.

Here are some fantastic Space themed games from Year 5 and 6!

Year 5/6J and 5/6M made some great Star Wars, cartoon games and Scratch projects.

Here is Connor's Star Wars game:

Daniel's game:

Jaiden's game:

Corey's game:

Olivia's game:

Dylan's game:

George's game:

Syed's game:

Jada's game:

Isaac W's game:

Jaskirit's game:


All the year 5/6 Scratch animations: